Charts And Graphs


Once you have designed your query charts are very straightforward in Saiku. Press the chart button in the top right hand corner of the workspace. This will show a bar chart.

If you want to show a different chart type you can select one from the list on the right hand side. Don’t forget though, if you pivot the result set the chart data can be completely different so play around with your query if you don’t see the layout you desire. For example:

The only differences between the two images above is the orientation of the result set, in the first image the time dimension is on the columns axis and the store state on the rows, in the latter its the other way around. This is why they call it data discovery!

Chart Properties

Saiku EE provides additional chart properties and features. You can click on the Properties button and you will be displayed with a Chart Settings dialog. Depending on the chart type you will be given a number of different options.

As you can see you can give your chart a title, and axis labels. You can also override the default colour set with your own colours, and disable the legend if you don’t want it. Finally, if you are using a Line chart, you can add trend lines to the chart to show the trend over your dataset. There are 3 types Linear, Weighted Moving Average and Moving Average.