Creating A Query

At the core of Saiku are the queries you will create to analyse data. You drag and drop dimensions and measures to build up the query you want. Under the hood Saiku uses the MDX query language to write the query but as an end user you don’t need to see any MDX or understand what it means as we do all this for you. Open a new query window by clicking on the New Query icon . This will open a new query window and a blank canvas to create your query in. From the cubes list on the left hand panel select the cube you want to analyse from the drop down box.

When you select a cube this will populate the canvas with the available dimensions and measures.

To start analysing data all you need to do now is include at least one dimension in the rows drop area and either one measure in the measures drop area or another dimension in the columns drop area. Once you have fulfilled this critera then the query will execute and the results displayed on screen.