Saiku SettingsΒΆ

Saiku has a number of UI settings that can be adjusted by editing saiku-server/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/js/saiku/Settings.js

Here are some of the most common:

Property Default Comments
VERSION   Current version for various dialogs. If you want to reskin Saiku you might want to change this.
BASE_URL window.location.origin The base url of the Saiku server, usually detected automatically but can be overridden.
TOMCAT_WEBAPP /saiku If you want to point to an alternative Saiku Server location, you can adjust this url.
REST_MOUNT_POINT /rest/saiku/ Rest mount point, only needs changing if you make changes to the webapp.
TABLE_LAZY true Enable or Disable table lazy loading, improves performance on large tables.
TABLE_LAZY_SIZE 1000 Number of rows to be rendered initially.
TABLE_LAZY_LOAD_ITEMS 20 Batch size to load new items.
TABLE_LAZY_LOAD_TIME 20 Load throttling for lazy loading.
MEMBERS_FROM_RESULT true Limit the members displayed in the filter dialog to those returned by the previous query. (Can be changed in the query)
MEMBERS_LIMIT 3000 Max members to import into the filter dialog.
MEMBERS_LIMIT 75 Search result limit.
ALLOW_PARAMETERS true Allow query parametrization.
DEFAULT_VIEW_STATE view Default to View or Edit mode.
EVALUATION_PANEL_LOGIN true Show or hide the evaluation credentials notice on the login page.